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Our classes are going strong! Brighten someone’s day with a gift voucher that can be used  for any any future class.   

Mother’s Day Gift Special Pricing

Save $15 when you buy 2 classes for $65 –  All crafting materials included!

A hammered copper jewelry class is great fun for a group of friends.  You’ll be able to learn how to make one of a kind, hammer formed, jewelry. Ever piece comes out different and it’s a great way to introduce you to the world of crafting.

Sharon Sawicki Jewelry
Roseburg, OR



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Sawicki Jewelry  – Unique Art, For Unique People

Sharon Sawicki is a metal smith who enjoys the challenge of working with sterling silver, solid
copper and stones.  To capture and enhance the design of the stone, she uses torches, hammers,
anvils, and other tools to create the sterling silver or copper frame.  Sharon unleashes her creativity when crafting jewelry. Each piece is designed, hand crafted, and different than any other piece she’s made before.
Some wear jewelry, we wear ART
Sawicki Jewelry is all about exploring the copper, silver and stone to create unique pieces of art to wear, and teaching the fun of designing and fabricating your own jewelry.

Join Sharon in learning to craft your very own unique jewelry. It’s a fun learning experience with lots of opportunity to improve your skills! Great for beginners, or to add hammer texture to your jewelry designs!

Need to celebrate a special occasion? Book a class for friends, family or colleagues to celebrate.

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Sharon Sawicki 
Roseburg, OR


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